Monday, December 3, 2012

Just When You Thought You Knew All About Facebook

If you're like me, you've attended countless Social Media presentations that teach you the ins and outs of Facebook and utilizing it to promote your company and event.

While I'm sure at this point you could probably give a "Facebook-How-To" presentation in your sleep, we recently stumbled upon a few articles that provide some interesting insight into when you should be utilizing Facebook to do said promotions and so-called "Facebook Blasts."

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to are a few tips we wanted to "share" that you may "like" (Facebook jokes...they never get old).

1. In general, Wednesday is the worst day to post: interactions on Wednesdays are 7.4% lower than average.

2. Off-hours are the best time to post. Posts between 8pm and 7am received a 14% higher interaction than those published between 8am and 7pm.

3. Less is more when it comes to posts. Posting one to two times a day instead of going with the overkill route of five to...fifteen shows a 19% higher interaction rate.

4. A self-imposed 80 character wall for Facebook posts receives a 23% higher interaction than longer posts (but 75% of posts are beyond that limit currently!)

5. Use recognizable URLs (IE instead of have no idea what that link means either. Nor do I think it actually leads you anywhere, so don't waste your time attempting to click it.)

6. Have your fans caption a picture or to "fill in the blank" -- both of those give you 4x more interaction.

7. You can schedule your posts! To schedule a post, switch to your page's admin view and look for a clock under the status window. Click that clock, and add the year, month, date and time you want your post to publish. Once you do this, a window will pop up to confirm that you have scheduled the post. Who knew!?

8. Highlight important posts -- highlighting fan posts is a great way to show that you care about your client's and site visitor's opinions. You can do this by clicking the "X" on the right corner of a post and selecting "highlighted on page."

9. Keep track of your "likes" so that you can return the favor. By making sure to "like" another company's page when they "like" yours, you show that you appreciate their acknowledgement of your Facebook page.


We hope that these tips and tricks are helpful and that you haven't already heard them multiple times. I found them interesting and fresh, so I hope you do as well! Good luck Facebooking!

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