Monday, December 17, 2012

Tis the Season: Top Winter Treats for Your Event

Let's just take a second to be honest here.

While the Holidays are first and foremost about family and tradition and being thankful for all that you have, no Holiday soiree is complete without some adorably-tasty Holiday treats.

While some families or events have their traditional meals/treats/etc.etc. that they make every single year, others are on the hunt for new, fun, and delicious ideas. Well, do not fret. We have you covered.

We took it upon ourselves to scour the Internet for the most precious and delectable Holiday treats we could find. We tried to limit the treasures we located to things that looked like they were actually make-able and not something that you would have to custom order from your local bakery. It was a tough and tedious job to find all of these goodies, but someone had to sacrifice...and we were that someone.

1. Strawberry Santas (recipe)
Photo: Coupon Cousins.
2.  Reindeer Noses
Photo: Pinterest Most Wanted

3. Snowman Cookies (recipe)
Photo: My Pretty Purse
4. Strawberry Tree (recipe)
Photo: Taste

One last note: this will be our last blog post of 2012. We look forward to continuing the blog with Event tips, our personal event recaps, local vendors, randomisity, and introducing a fabulous new intern in 2013. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful holiday season!

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