Monday, March 4, 2013

Social Media: Not Just a Fad

How many times do you hear "Social Media is not that important, I'm sure it will eventually phase out" on a weekly basis? Personally, I hear it often. When I mention to anyone that an aspect of my job is to handle all of the Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc. for Events North, there is a 75% chance that a comment about how social media will probably not be as huge of an impact in the future.

Then our Events Coordinator, Rachel, sent me this youtube video, produced by TheTotalProfit . I loved it. It embodied so many of my thoughts in regards to social media and how important it is to businesses. Take five minutes out of your day to take a peak at this video -- you won't regret it (and Hey! Maybe you'll learn something new in the process.)

Here is a direct link to the video.

I hope that you got as much out of that video as I did. Now whenever you overhear someone say that social media is "just a fad," you can throw a bit of knowledge their way.


  1. I agree to this.

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  3. Social media has become one of the biggest ways our company has grown. Word of mouth has done far more for us than some of our marketing tactics. During one of our corporate events, we discussed how to better use social media to our advantage. We had a few speakers that came and taught us how to better use these apps and I found it very helpful.

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  6. In this World of internet social media has given the events a new path which is very good for the events agencies. The most important part of social media is Facebook, Google+, Pinterst etc.