Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: ECCO

To put it simply, Traverse City is just a sensational place to hold a wedding or event. Venue options are plentiful and there are just so many diverse options to choose from.

With that said, this week we are highlighting one of our favorite newer venues, ECCO.
Source: Allen-Kent Photo

While we may be somewhat partial to the ECCO event space because we handle their Venue Rentals, we honestly would be obsessed with it regardless.

While one of the first things to note about what makes ECCO great is that it's located smack dab in the middle of downtown Traverse City (literally, right on Front Street...you cannot get any closer than that!), the fact that you have the freedom to bring in your own alcohol (which can save you a couple hundred...sometimes even thousands) and to use the caterer of your choice is a huge detail to keep in mind.

Source: Allen-Kent Photography

In addition to that, when you rent the ECCO space for your event, you have full access the entire weekend. While some venues only allow a 3-5 hour set up window the morning of your event, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have an entire 3 day span to both set up and tear down your event. As event planners, we cannot emphasis what an immense sigh of relief we exhale when we know that the set-up won't have to be rushed. Maximum set up time ensures maximum ability to give attention to every single detail!

Another thing that makes ECCO so wonderful and unique is that, with it's exposed brick wall and neutral colors, it is the perfect blank canvas for you to create your dream event. ECCO has hosted everything from Corporate VIP Dinners to Roller Derby Parties to Wedding Receptions to Fashion Shows..the possibilities truly are endless!

Some statistics and quick facts about ECCO:

- The main event room is approximately 4,800 square feet
- ECCO can hold up to 318 people, but 260 is the recommended number for comfortable seating with a dance floor. However, if your guest list is smaller, we can adjust the layout to ensure that your event has an intimate and cozier feel.
- ECCO provides all tables and chairs for your event. Additionally, the ECCO staff will set up your tables and chairs in an arrangement of your choosing. They will work with you to make sure that your room layout meets your expectations and needs exactly.
- Freedom to provide your own liquor and work with the caterer of your choice
- Two movable bars and 5 cocktail tables are provided for you on site.
- ECCO provides an iPod ready sound system and a wireless microphone for you to utilize.
- A Venue Manager will be on site for the entirety of your event to make sure that all of your needs venue-wise are taken care of.

...and all of that is included in your $3750 venue rental fee.

Make sure that your next Traverse City visit includes a tour of ECCO- you won't want to pass up a chance to see one of the most unique venues in town. Contact Meaghan at 231.944.9179 or Meaghan@EventsNorth.com to schedule a tour...or even just to inquire about more information- she's happy to help with whatever you need!


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