Monday, August 13, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: Grandview Catering!

We really do love all of the amazing vendors that we get the privilege to work with...and we've worked with quite a few!

There are always those few vendors that we work with regularly who continue to impress us again and again, and Grandview Catering is definitely one of them. So, we would like to dedicate this week's blog post to the spectacular Grandview Catering and let you know a little bit about why we (and our clients!) love to work with them.
Source: Grandview Catering

Grandview Catering not only has excellent food, they provide phenomenal service every single event they cater. Their staff is both professional, personable and simply just great at what they do. They always dress to impress and not a single table is left unattended. They go the extra mile to make sure that all of the guests are enjoying their meals and that they are delivering appetizers and meals in a timely manner.
Source: Grandview Catering

Their food...well...let's just say that if we could eat Grandview Catering's meals every single day, we would be in heaven. From their appetizers (we're HUGE fans of their stuffed potatoes. I actually think I started salivating just thinking about them) to their meals (whether they be buffet style or plated...I'm pretty positive that Grandview Catering can do no wrong.) to their desserts, everything meets...well, okay, exceeds all expectations.
Source: Grandview Catering

The best part? They offer such a variety of options that I don't think I have seen the same meal twice. Is your event themed? They can offer you options that will fit perfectly- believe us, we had them cater everything from corporate dinners to Western Themed cocktail hours. Want to make sure your vegetarian guests are satisfied? Grandview Catering can do things with Eggplant that will make even the biggest meat lover's stomach growl.
Source: Grandview Catering

Honestly, I cannot think of one bad thing to say...but you should definitely check out Grandview Catering for yourself. Make sure to stop by their newest restaurant, The Kitchen, to grab some lunch or dinner for you and your family- you can even steal a peak at their tasting room while you're there!

Thank you, Grandview Catering, for making our job even more fun by providing excellent meals, service and displays!

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