Monday, July 16, 2012

Blog Post: Rehearsal Dinner Spots with Views You Can't Resist

We at Events North are huge advocates of "keeping it local" by dining at Traverse City Restaurants. Luckily for us, there are a TON of amazing local dining options- many of them with breathtaking views. 

Many brides ask us about great local options for rehearsal dinners where their guests can both fill up on fantastic food and embrace the views that Traverse City has to offer. So, we decided to give some local shout outs to a few of the establishments that provide both group dining options and spectacular sights to see. 

The Hagerty Center, located right on the Bay. Source: MCCB
Located on the second floor of the Hagerty Center, Lobdell's is a wonderful bayside dining experience that seats up to 90 guests. If you're looking for something with a view of the bay, but is a little out of the ordinary, Lobdell's is an excellent option. Why? Well, Lobdell's is not only an exceptional Rehearsal dinner space, but also serves as a working lab for the culinary students of the Northwestern Michigan College's Great Lakes Campus. The food is delicious, the view is great, but the overall experience is what makes the trip to Lobdell's so fun!

Call 231.995.3120 to make a reservation.

Aerie Restaurant & Lounge. Source: Grand Traverse Resort and Spa 
The view from Aerie Restaurant & Lounge. Source: Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

Though it is little further outside the realms of Downtown Traverse city, Aerie Restaurant & Lounge (located on the 16th floor of Grand Traverse Resort and Spa) offers an elegant and modern group dining experience. Not only is the decor and food sophisticated and phenomenal, the view of the bay, the surrounding countryside and the Resort's golf courses is simply inspiring.

Another great feature of Aerie is that they pride themselves on focusing on regional selections that highlight local produce, breads, cheeses, wines and even micro brews on tap!

If your Rehearsal dinner group consists of less than ten people, there are intimate Private dining rooms that you can reserve!

Call 231.534.6800 to make a reservation.

Top of the Park
A glimpse into the Top of the Park. Source: Park Place Hotel
Located at the very top of the Park Place Hotel (Hence... the Top of the Park), this small dining room is a great spot to host your Rehearsal dinner. While it cannot accommodate a gigantic group, it's perfect for parties of around 50 and less. The food is great, but the view is the main attraction. The Top of the Park has giant glass windows serving as the outer walls, giving you and your guests a fantastic overlook of all of Downtown Traverse City. If you time your dinner to accommodate the sunset, you're in for a fantastic treat.

You can call 231.946.5000 to make a reservation. 

Apache Trout Grill

Private Banquet Room. Source: Apache Trout Grill
View from the Banquet Room. Source: Apache Trout Grill

If you're having a Fall or Winter wedding and are searching for a restaurant that features superb food and a spectacular view of the bay, search no further than Apache Trout Grill. They just added a new Banquet room that is available for private parties in the fall and winter seasons. One of Apache Trout Grill's three-tier group dinner menus is sure to fit your and your guests needs.
The best part? Apache Trout Grill is located right on West Bay and is around a five minute drive from downtown Traverse City- convenient location, excellent meals, and a wonderful view. What's not to love? (Their bread is TO DIE FOR...but you should probably sample some yourself, just to be sure.)
You can call Manager Chris Moses or the Director of Food and Beverage Josh Benedict, at 231.947.7079 to make a reservation.

Regardless of the views, there are still many other wonderful local options for hosting your Rehearsal Dinner or get together in Traverse City (believe us, we've tried as many as we possibly can...for both the benefit of our clients and our stomachs). We recommend paying a little visit and making sure to arrive hungry- the options are almost endless! 

Keeping it local while dining is just so much easier when the meals and views are both wonderful and plentiful!

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